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Company History

Michael Firey grew up in Oklahoma and attended college in San Angelo, TX.  He began Fireytech, LLC as Firey Computers in 1997 while he was attending college in a garage apartment and a book on how to repair computers was all he had.  After graduating, Michael moved back to his hometown of Tulsa, OK and shared space with Firey Brothers Music, his uncle Ray's business.  Michael's business has always been organic, following the changes in the technology industry.  Since Firey Computers was doing much more than just computers and the industry was so broad, the name was changed to Fireytech to represent this broad approach.

Fireytech, has been through many ups and downs over the years as it found it's place in the market.  Computer sales fell from the prices of the late 90's of thousands to just a few hundred dollars and Fireytech found it wasn't cost effective to try to make a living from computer sales any longer.  Fireytech began focusing on services like computer repairs, telephone wiring, network wiring, television wiring, television mounting & installation, and various other technology services.

Our company now has it's home office in Tulsa, OK and serves North East Oklahoma.

Customer Approach

In 1997, most of the tech industry in the retail environment seemed to treat the end user with disdain and disrespect.  This was true in 1997 and sadly, remains true today.  We hear countless stories of how our new customers came to us after being treated like they were idiots at big box stores and even small local shops.  Fireytech believes that customers should be treated with respect
.  Any other service industry would fail if it treated customers like the tech industry.  You would never go to a doctor that treated you like an idiot because you didn't know how to fix your ailment, so we are committed to treating you right when you come to us to cure your computer ailment.

Fireytech, LLC provides considerate service with integrity.  If a repair is not in your best interest, we are going to tell you.  If you want something done that we know isn't the best approach, we are going to offer you what we feel is the most effective way to approach your problem.  Fireytech provides more than just a repair of what you say is broken.  We look at the entire system to ensure there isn't something else at the root of the problem.  We are not a bargain service company.  We price our services fairly so we can hire quality people and retain them.  We are not the cheapest service in price but we are the best overall value.

We believe in building relationships with our customers.  We maintain a database of all service tickets & notes so that we can look back over the history of your repairs to gain knowledge for current issues.  Our repeat customers are very important to us.

Service After the Repair

With technology, there are going to be problems. We understand that and we will be there for you when you have a need.  We provide warranty on our labor services of 30 days.  We are committed to you as a customer so if something isn't right, we will do everything we can to make it right.

Thank you for your support & business!
-Michael Firey


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