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Welcome Bloopers

You have to be able to laugh at yourself right? When I recently recorded the video to welcome everyone to our mobile computer repair Tulsa website, I had a few moments of going down in flames lol. Enjoy!

Final Video:

Blooper Reel (Courtesy of Garrett Lincoln)

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Captain! The network is down!

Captain!  The network is down!

I know it seems silly but after doing mobile computer repair Tulsa for over 20 years I still get excited when I fix a computer or network issue that is puzzling.  One of these times a small company asked me to look at their network which had just went down.  They were somewhat tech savvy and had performed most of the standard troubleshooting to attempt to resolve the issue.  They had contacted their internet provider who had verified the internet circuit was good to the building.  They had logged into the router and checked the settings and everything looked right.  They could get internet if they connected a laptop directly to the modem or router but if they connected their switches the internet would go down…

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Cracking a Gmail Password

Cracking a Gmail Password

I love when I get to be a mobile computer repair Tulsa hero.  It isn’t often that you get to fix a computer where the stakes are very high for a customer.  This was one of those times.

A mobile computer repair Tulsa customer called me the other day because an employee had quit and refused to turn over the password he set up on a company Gmail account.  This was critical to their business because there were estimates, invoices, and customer correspondence in that email account.  Losing those emails would have cost the customer a great deal financially.  I did some investigating and found that the customer had him set up a personal Gmail email account to use for the business.  This company was smaller and didn’t have their own email domain set up so they just used personal Gmail accounts for all correspondence with their customers.  When I heard that, my heart sank.  I knew the odds of us cracking that password or getting Google to reset it were very low….

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22 Year Anniversary

22 Year Anniversary

Twenty Two years ago in 1997 I started Firey Computers in San Angelo, TX while I was attending Angelo State University. I made a garage apartment my office / computer repair shop and I looked up to people like Bill Gates and Michael Dell. I wanted to be like them some day. They had started out in their garage so why couldn’t I?

I grew up in rural Oklahoma about 20 miles west of Tulsa. Even though I was a country boy I had always loved technology. In the mid 1980’s I won a contest on KXOJ (a Tulsa Christian radio station) for a free PC Bible game and I was so excited. The only problem was that we didn’t own a computer. I never got to use that game!

I attended a private Christian School, Bethany Christian Academy, west of Sand Springs when we first started seeing computers in the school. I was so excited to be able to play on the computers. I never dreamed I would one day be providing mobile computer repair in Tulsa….Click here to see full story