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Lenovo Laptop Repair

Lenovo Laptop Repair

It’s refreshing to have a laptop repair Tulsa go unexpectedly well. Fireytech recently had a customer bring in a Lenovo laptop that wasn’t displaying video. The customer explained that it would show fine on an external monitor so we assumed it was just a bad LCD panel.

Our quality computer repair tulsa technician began troubleshooting and of course, started by verifying what the customer had told us. We confirmed that the Lenovo laptop would not show any video at all on the LCD screen itself. We connected an external computer monitor by HDMI and voila it worked just fine.

We started the prep work to replace the LCD panel. First step was to disassemble the top of the laptop so we could remove the LCD panel to verify the actual panel part number. We do this to be thorough because many times, the same model of laptop can have different LCD panel model numbers so ordering an LCD panel strictly based on the laptop model number is unwise.

We located the panel model and found we could easily order it. We quoted the customer $125 for the panel and $50 for the swap since it was an easier LCD screen to replace and install. After getting the customer approval, we proceeded to reassemble the laptop.

Fireytech always does what is best for our customers and since the end user could use the laptop on an external monitor, they wanted to get it back to use while we were waiting on the parts to arrive. Our amazing computer repair shop Tulsa technician noticed that the LCD connector on the back of the laptop was slightly, and I mean, ever so slightly not fully seated in the connector. What’s crazy is that the LCD connector is taped down from the factory and the likelihood of it moving or coming unplugged, even slightly, was pretty small. Nonetheless, it looked like it could be just enough to make a difference. Fireytech always works to be as thorough as possible, so just to be sure, we peeled the tape, unplugged the LCD connector, and re-connected it. Bam! The screen worked!

The best part was when we could call the customer and tell them they were not going to have to spend $125 on a screen. We already had the customer’s approval to replace the screen and we could have very easily never told the customer. That’s not how Fireytech works. Our computer repair tulsa technicians operate with integrity and we are always going to do what’s in our clients best interest.

Happy customer and fun story to share! If you need a computer repair in Tulsa, you have to come to Fireytech. Quick service, honest business, highest Google ratings in Tulsa for computer repair tulsa. Call us today to schedule at 918-258-FIRE (3473) or simply come by our computer repair shop tulsa at 91st and Sheridan. We’d love to help you!

NEW Asus NV156FHM-N4L LCD Screen and Touch Digitizer Assembly for sale.

NEW Asus NV156FHM-N4L LCD Screen and Touch Digitizer Assembly for sale.

NEW NV156FHM-N4L LCD Screen and Touch Digitizer Assembly for Asus.
Item is in hand and ready to ship.
Size: 15.6 inch
Resolution: 1920*1080
Aspect Ratio: widescreen
Specific laptop models can come in many sizes and resolutions. Laptop LCD resolution should not be upgraded or downgraded. 
You must confirm that this screen matches your laptop with the exact screen part number, connectors, size, and resolution before you purchase!  
No returns for incompatibility. 
No returns due to improper installation.

Fireytech computer repair of Tulsa is the leading computer repair service in Tulsa. Our computer techs are professional and highly trained. Whether you bring your computer to our computer repair shop Tulsa or we come onsite to perform an onsite computer repair Tulsa service, you will be satisfied with the results – we guarantee it! We perform computer upgrades, computer repairs, laptop repairs, laptop screen replacements, lcd screen replacements, network wiring, network troubleshooting, and much more.

Call us today at 918-258-FIRE (3473) to schedule your appointment. We are the highest rated computer repair Tulsa service in Tulsa and have been serving our customers since 1997.

Get 6 months of Norton Family for FREE.

Get 6 months of Norton Family for FREE.

Worried about what your kids are doing on the internet or just want to be sure they don’t accidentally come across offensive content now that they are distance learning?

Norton Family offers the following helpful services to protect your kids:

  1. Schedule screen time limits for kids and devices.
  2. Monitor what your kids are doing online.
  3. Set rules about using social media.
  4. Stay on top of information shared online.
  5. Limit access to websites.

Keeping tabs on what your kids do online requires effort. Even so, it’s a good idea to take steps to monitor who they’re talking to, where they go, and what they consume and download.

It’s also a good idea to periodically discuss online citizenship and whether your kids still agree with the house rules. The goal is helping to keep your kids safe online while building safe and smart online habits.

If you find yourself spending more time with your kids at home — by choice or necessity — you’ll be glad you took the time to guide them online.

See link below for full product details or to sign up for this service.

Fireytech computer repair Tulsa is always searching out the best solutions for our customers. We want you to be informed about technology products and have the best resources. Fireytech is the highest rated computer repair Tulsa company. Call us at 918-258-FIRE (3473) to schedule an onsite computer repair today or feel free to drop by our excellent computer repair shop Tulsa at 91st and Sheridan for drop off computer repair service.

Amazon Ordering Delays

Amazon Ordering Delays

We are hearing from many of our Fireytech computer repair Tulsa customers that Amazon delivery dates are extending out 30 days for some items due to Covid 19.

Fireytech is still able to obtain parts and supplies as needed due to our business vendor contacts. We have many audio video cables in stock and many more available for special order with just a few days ship time. Let us know if you need simple things at affordable prices (much better than that big box store that supposedly gives you the best buy). What do we have?

  • HDMI Cables
  • 3.5mm audio cables
  • 3.5 to RCA cable
  • HDMI to Display Port cables
  • Wall Plates for
    • Network
    • Speakers
    • Phone
    • Coax
    • Phone Wall Mount Plates
  • VGA Monitor Cables
  • VGA Monitor Extension Cables
  • HDMI to DVI Adapters
  • Micro HDMI to VGA Adapters
  • PC Power Adapters
    • Sata Power to 4 Pin
    • 4 Pin Power one to two splitter
    • SATA Power one to two splitter
  • USB extension cables
  • Micro USB hub
  • USB Cables
  • Network Patch Cables
  • 12 Port Patch Panel
  • 24 Port Patch Panel
  • Patch Panel Mounting Bracket
  • Case Fan
  • CPU Fan
  • USB Keyboard
  • USB Mouse
  • PS/2 Keyboard
  • Computer Power Supply
  • Laptop Case
  • Keystones / Wall Plate Inserts for:
    • CAT 3 / Phone Keystone
    • CAT 5 Keystone
    • CAT 6 Keystone
  • Single Port Surface Mount Boxes (Biscuits)
  • Dual Port Surface Mount Boxes (Biscuits)
  • RJ11 ends
  • RJ12 ends
  • DSL Filters
  • Phone splitters one to two port
  • USB to Serial Adapters
  • 66 Blocks – Plain
  • 66 Blocks – With Amphenol
  • 66 Block Mounting Brackets
  • Amphenol Cables
  • 100 Foot Phone Line Cord
  • 1 Port Wall Plates
  • 2 Port Wall Plates
  • 3 Port Wall Plates
  • 4 Port Wall Plates
  • 6 Port Wall Plates
  • Serial gender changers (Male to Male)
  • Serial gender changers (Female to Female)
  • Zip Ties
  • Velcro
  • Velcro with Sticky Back for mounting
  • Serial Cable – Straight Through
  • Serial Cable – Crossover
  • Surge Protector – 6 Foot Cord
  • Surge Protector – 12 Foot Cord
  • Cisco Console Cable

Always think of Fireytech for the best computer repair Tulsa service. We are the highest rated computer repair shop Tulsa. Our staff cares about you as a person and not just another repair. Call us at 918-258-FIRE (3473) to schedule a repair time or come by our shop for the best in computer repair and computer supplies.

Fireytech is an Essential Business

Fireytech is an Essential Business

Fireytech provides computer and networking services in the Information Technology industry and is considered an essential sector according to DHS. We will remain open during the Covid 19 crisis to provide critical infrastructure support and computer repairs in Tulsa and surrounding areas.

We also provide help with setting up remote computer connections so if you still need help getting connected to your office from your home we can help.

Fireytech can also help you repair your computer remotely in some cases. Social distancing at it’s best!

Fireytech provides the highest quality computer repair Tulsa services in Northeastern Oklahoma. We are the highest rated pc repair Tulsa company on Google in Tulsa. We provide computer repair, network cabling, network equipment installation, phone cabling, wireless network setup, network cables, networking supplies, telephony supplies, data supplies, audio video cabling, audio video cables, computer parts, and more!

Hours Changed Due to Covid 19

Hours Changed Due to Covid 19

I know this Covid 19 craziness is affecting many of you. It has greatly decreased our business as well. We are still available for drop-off computer repairs or onsite computer repairs as well as networking installation / repair at this time. If you need help please feel free to contact us during this trying time.

We are decreasing our hours during this time based on the lack of business. We are available outside these hours if you need, just call 918-258-3473 to arrange a time.

Updated Hours:
M-F 10am – 5pm
Sat & Sun: Closed

Fireytech is the highest rated computer repair Tulsa company! We work hard to give you the truth you need to hear about your pc repair tulsa. We only sell the highest quality brand technology brands and products. Our experience in the computer industry helps us to fix your issue quicker and with better quality than any other computer shop Tulsa.

Windows 10 Upgrade for only $50!

Windows 10 Upgrade for only $50!

We have been having a huge success with performing upgrades from Windows 7 and Windows 8 to Windows 10 without having to buy the $130+ software as described in the Forbes article below.

Fireytech computer repair Tulsa is always looking for ways to provide the best value to our customers. We are excited to say that we have had a nearly 100% success rate upgrading customer computers to Windows 10 when the pc has a properly activated copy of 64 bit Windows 7 or Windows 8. If you bring your computer to our computer repair shop Tulsa, we can perform this upgrade for you for only $50 labor fee. We can usually have your computer done in 1-2 business days.

In most cases we are able to run this install as an upgrade so all your programs, printers, and data remain untouched! There are obviously exceptions to this but we have performed a few dozen of these upgrades and very rarely have we had issues.

Call Fireytech today for details at 918-258-FIRE(3473). We are the best computer shop Tulsa.

See the original article from Forbes:

Fireytech is now Onetalk Authorized

Fireytech is now Onetalk Authorized

Fireytech computer repair Tulsa is proud to announce that we have completed an official partnership with Verizon to install and support their Onetalk Business phone service. This is a great service that replaces traditional desk phones in a business environment with VOIP based phones with great savings compared to other VOIP services and traditional phone service from your local phone company. Let us know if you would like details on this new product.

Here is a link to the Verizon site for more information.

We feel that this service works alongside our existing experience with computer repair Tulsa, network cabling, and network equipment. We always look at ways to help you in your home or business with your computer repair Tulsa needs as well as other areas that could help you have more value or save money.

Windows 10 Free Upgrade

Windows 10 Free Upgrade

Windows 7 has reached end of life. There is a way to get a free upgrade to Windows 10 in most cases. Fireytech computer repair Tulsa can help. Instead of paying $130 for Windows 10 software plus labor, we can perform the upgrade for a flat rate labor fee of $50 (In Shop Only). This method will leave all your programs and data in place.

We don’t know how long Microsoft will continue to allow free upgrades so when it ends it ends.

See the Forbes article below where they have been successfully using this method.

Fireytech computer repair of Tulsa is always working to give you the best value and keep you up to date. We are the best computer repair Tulsa company!

Dirty Little Secrets about Google Drive

Dirty Little Secrets about Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based file storage app which is, overall, a good product. As Tulsa’s best computer repair Tulsa company, Fireytech always share information with our customers to give them the best experience in the technical world. Fireytech uses Google Drive to sync and backup our company data files and we recommend it but you need to know about a few dirty secrets that we’ve discovered which will affect your storage limits and could impact your ability to maintain the free account that Google offers which has a cap of 15gb of data storage.

As I stated above, we use Google Drive in our excellent computer repair Tulsa shop and we believe it is a very good free cloud backup / file sync option if you understand the quirks discussed in this article.

The Good

When you install Google Drive’s desktop sync program called Drive File Stream, Drive will create a folder on your hard drive for syncing. Anything you store in that folder will sync to the cloud. This is very useful for use as an off-site backup option. Fireytech’s best computer repair Tulsa knows having an off-site backup is critical to protect against theft of the computer or complete loss such as a fire or tornado, etc. Having your backup in the same location as the computer is dangerous in these situations.

Fireytech computer repair Tulsa also uses this feature to sync files to multiple machines. This makes it easier for each computer in the company to have the same shared files. If we are out in the field, our laptops can have the same files that the server back at the shop has.

You’ll need to make sure you copy and store the files you want synced in this folder. Any other data on your hard drive is not synced. You can also create shared folders from the online Google Drive panel and share them with specific people. Only the files you copy into that folder will be visible to other people. This is a very useful feature for employees.

Another feature is that File Stream will actually move the actual file into the cloud and only store a placeholder on your local computer. The benefit of that is there is more space left on your hard drive. As soon as you open a folder or a file, File Stream will pull it from the cloud in real time to access and edit. If there is a file or files that you want to keep fully downloaded to your machine, you can enable offline files.

The Bad

You will have to manually maintain the storage folders in Google Drive to avoid going over your free data cap of 15gb. When you delete files from your “My Drive” folder, they go to the Trash folder. There is no automatic empty option for the Trash folder. If you are approaching your data limit, you will need to log into your Google Drive folder and do each of the following items to maximize your storage space.

First, check your “My Drive” folder to make sure you are only storing the files you really need. If you’ve verified you’re only storing what you need in “My Drive” it’s time to get down and dirty.

Click on the “Recent” folder. This is what drives me nuts. The items in the “Recent” folder count against your storage cap. This is true even if you have deleted the item from “My Drive” and ALSO deleted it from the trash. It will still exist in the “Recent” folder! Click on the “Recent” folder and it will initially show you about 50 items. You can right-click to get the Google Drive options, and “select all” to highlight all the items. You can also press “CTRL” + “A” if you’re old school and like keyboard shortcuts. Once all the visible files are selected, you can hit the “Delete” key on your keyboard or right-click and select delete. It will delete the first 50 files and then reload the screen with about 100. Repeat the delete process. The third time around it starts displaying around 300+ files and the process starts slowing down. This is the other aspect of this that I despise. The Google Drive site bogs down the more you do this process. You’ll eventually have to hit “reload” on your browser to refresh the page and make it behave. We had over 20gb of data tied up in the “Recent” folder and it took me over 2 hours of fighting with the Google Drive site to clear out items dating back over 5 years. How is that recent?! You’ll also notice that sometimes the Drive site will show you no more files in the “Recent” folder. Don’t be fooled. Reload the page or log out and log back in. Guess what? There will be more files it wasn’t showing you just a few minutes before. I had to repeat this process over and over and over and over again until I finally stopped seeing files show up in the “Recent” folder. Whew! Finally done and I have tons of storage space back right? Wrong. All those files were simply moved to the trash.

The “Trash” folder in Google Drive is annoying as well. If you delete files on your computer, the sync program will flag the file and Google Drive will delete it in the online account too. The problem is that it never empties the Trash folder. There isn’t even an option to auto delete after 30 days. So you can be happily working away on your pc and deleting files as needed and your online Google Drive account is slowly filling itself up. Here’s what you have to do. Our crack team of excellent computer repair Tulsa techs had to come up with this one too.

Deleting items from the trash is similar to the “Recent” folder in it’s annoyance factor. Thank God Google gives you an option to just hit one button to “Empty Trash” but it doesn’t work if you have a higher amount of files sitting in the Trash. I found that, just like the “Recent” folder, I had to click the button to delete, wait for it to appear to finish, see the file list refresh, and have to click empty trash again. Once all the files are gone from view, you will want to refresh the web page again and try logging in and out because there will still be files there. As you’re going through the process of emptying the trash, you’ll finally see the Storage Used amount begin to decrease. Every time you delete items it will not update the storage amount until you actually refresh the entire webpage and sometimes even then it will update later to a lower amount.

Needless to say the Google Drive online account is less than perfect. This will only be an issue for those who store large amounts of data in their Google File Stream folder. 15 gigabytes sounds like a lot, but as we have found providing quality computer repair Tulsa service, when you’re storing photos and videos, 15gb can be used very quickly.

All of these issues are really only a problem for those of you who are trying to live within the prison of the free Google Drive account. Their paid plans offer great pricing so there is no need to stress. For $20 a year you can get 100gb of storage which is pretty decent. If you’re really wanting to save every cat meme you ever see, you can even get one terabyte of storage for $99.99 per year. That’s only $9.99 a month (if you do it monthly instead of the annual discount). We shell out $10/mo for everything under the sun so for a Terabyte of storage I think it’s a pretty good deal.

If you need help with your Google Drive account or would like assistance from our excellent computer repair Tulsa techs with setting up your computer backup syn or sharing, call Fireytech today.