Get 6 months of Norton Family for FREE.

Get 6 months of Norton Family for FREE.

Worried about what your kids are doing on the internet or just want to be sure they don’t accidentally come across offensive content now that they are distance learning?

Norton Family offers the following helpful services to protect your kids:

  1. Schedule screen time limits for kids and devices.
  2. Monitor what your kids are doing online.
  3. Set rules about using social media.
  4. Stay on top of information shared online.
  5. Limit access to websites.

Keeping tabs on what your kids do online requires effort. Even so, it’s a good idea to take steps to monitor who they’re talking to, where they go, and what they consume and download.

It’s also a good idea to periodically discuss online citizenship and whether your kids still agree with the house rules. The goal is helping to keep your kids safe online while building safe and smart online habits.

If you find yourself spending more time with your kids at home — by choice or necessity — you’ll be glad you took the time to guide them online.

See link below for full product details or to sign up for this service.

Fireytech computer repair Tulsa is always searching out the best solutions for our customers. We want you to be informed about technology products and have the best resources. Fireytech is the highest rated computer repair Tulsa company. Call us at 918-258-FIRE (3473) to schedule an onsite computer repair today or feel free to drop by our excellent computer repair shop Tulsa at 91st and Sheridan for drop off computer repair service.

Dirty Little Secrets about Google Drive

Dirty Little Secrets about Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based file storage app which is, overall, a good product. As Tulsa’s best computer repair Tulsa company, Fireytech always share information with our customers to give them the best experience in the technical world. Fireytech uses Google Drive to sync and backup our company data files and we recommend it but you need to know about a few dirty secrets that we’ve discovered which will affect your storage limits and could impact your ability to maintain the free account that Google offers which has a cap of 15gb of data storage.

As I stated above, we use Google Drive in our excellent computer repair Tulsa shop and we believe it is a very good free cloud backup / file sync option if you understand the quirks discussed in this article.

The Good

When you install Google Drive’s desktop sync program called Drive File Stream, Drive will create a folder on your hard drive for syncing. Anything you store in that folder will sync to the cloud. This is very useful for use as an off-site backup option. Fireytech’s best computer repair Tulsa knows having an off-site backup is critical to protect against theft of the computer or complete loss such as a fire or tornado, etc. Having your backup in the same location as the computer is dangerous in these situations.

Fireytech computer repair Tulsa also uses this feature to sync files to multiple machines. This makes it easier for each computer in the company to have the same shared files. If we are out in the field, our laptops can have the same files that the server back at the shop has.

You’ll need to make sure you copy and store the files you want synced in this folder. Any other data on your hard drive is not synced. You can also create shared folders from the online Google Drive panel and share them with specific people. Only the files you copy into that folder will be visible to other people. This is a very useful feature for employees.

Another feature is that File Stream will actually move the actual file into the cloud and only store a placeholder on your local computer. The benefit of that is there is more space left on your hard drive. As soon as you open a folder or a file, File Stream will pull it from the cloud in real time to access and edit. If there is a file or files that you want to keep fully downloaded to your machine, you can enable offline files.

The Bad

You will have to manually maintain the storage folders in Google Drive to avoid going over your free data cap of 15gb. When you delete files from your “My Drive” folder, they go to the Trash folder. There is no automatic empty option for the Trash folder. If you are approaching your data limit, you will need to log into your Google Drive folder and do each of the following items to maximize your storage space.

First, check your “My Drive” folder to make sure you are only storing the files you really need. If you’ve verified you’re only storing what you need in “My Drive” it’s time to get down and dirty.

Click on the “Recent” folder. This is what drives me nuts. The items in the “Recent” folder count against your storage cap. This is true even if you have deleted the item from “My Drive” and ALSO deleted it from the trash. It will still exist in the “Recent” folder! Click on the “Recent” folder and it will initially show you about 50 items. You can right-click to get the Google Drive options, and “select all” to highlight all the items. You can also press “CTRL” + “A” if you’re old school and like keyboard shortcuts. Once all the visible files are selected, you can hit the “Delete” key on your keyboard or right-click and select delete. It will delete the first 50 files and then reload the screen with about 100. Repeat the delete process. The third time around it starts displaying around 300+ files and the process starts slowing down. This is the other aspect of this that I despise. The Google Drive site bogs down the more you do this process. You’ll eventually have to hit “reload” on your browser to refresh the page and make it behave. We had over 20gb of data tied up in the “Recent” folder and it took me over 2 hours of fighting with the Google Drive site to clear out items dating back over 5 years. How is that recent?! You’ll also notice that sometimes the Drive site will show you no more files in the “Recent” folder. Don’t be fooled. Reload the page or log out and log back in. Guess what? There will be more files it wasn’t showing you just a few minutes before. I had to repeat this process over and over and over and over again until I finally stopped seeing files show up in the “Recent” folder. Whew! Finally done and I have tons of storage space back right? Wrong. All those files were simply moved to the trash.

The “Trash” folder in Google Drive is annoying as well. If you delete files on your computer, the sync program will flag the file and Google Drive will delete it in the online account too. The problem is that it never empties the Trash folder. There isn’t even an option to auto delete after 30 days. So you can be happily working away on your pc and deleting files as needed and your online Google Drive account is slowly filling itself up. Here’s what you have to do. Our crack team of excellent computer repair Tulsa techs had to come up with this one too.

Deleting items from the trash is similar to the “Recent” folder in it’s annoyance factor. Thank God Google gives you an option to just hit one button to “Empty Trash” but it doesn’t work if you have a higher amount of files sitting in the Trash. I found that, just like the “Recent” folder, I had to click the button to delete, wait for it to appear to finish, see the file list refresh, and have to click empty trash again. Once all the files are gone from view, you will want to refresh the web page again and try logging in and out because there will still be files there. As you’re going through the process of emptying the trash, you’ll finally see the Storage Used amount begin to decrease. Every time you delete items it will not update the storage amount until you actually refresh the entire webpage and sometimes even then it will update later to a lower amount.

Needless to say the Google Drive online account is less than perfect. This will only be an issue for those who store large amounts of data in their Google File Stream folder. 15 gigabytes sounds like a lot, but as we have found providing quality computer repair Tulsa service, when you’re storing photos and videos, 15gb can be used very quickly.

All of these issues are really only a problem for those of you who are trying to live within the prison of the free Google Drive account. Their paid plans offer great pricing so there is no need to stress. For $20 a year you can get 100gb of storage which is pretty decent. If you’re really wanting to save every cat meme you ever see, you can even get one terabyte of storage for $99.99 per year. That’s only $9.99 a month (if you do it monthly instead of the annual discount). We shell out $10/mo for everything under the sun so for a Terabyte of storage I think it’s a pretty good deal.

If you need help with your Google Drive account or would like assistance from our excellent computer repair Tulsa techs with setting up your computer backup syn or sharing, call Fireytech today.

Find Your Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office License Key

Find Your Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office License Key

If you need to determine what your license key is for Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office you can!  You want to make sure you haven’t overlooked the Windows sticker on your computer.  Be sure to look on all sides of the machine (and under the battery if you have a laptop).  If you have an existing sticker that is the simplest solution.  There are of course technical methods to search the registry and that isn’t something the average person wants to do.

To find it without digging through your Windows Registry, download and run Magical Jelly Bean Product Key Finder.  It’s so simple and it’s free!  It does state that it will find keys for over 300 programs but I know that it works for Windows and Office.

If you are more technical and want to dig deeper into the subject you can visit these websites:

As with all of these tips and tricks if you can’t locate the information yourself, feel free to contact Fireytech at 918-258-3473 and we can schedule a mobile computer repair Tulsa to help you with your issue.  Our professional techs are always ready to help you with every step of the process from locating the product key, backing up and restoring your data, to re-installing Windows.

Virus Scanning and Removal

Virus removal is an ever changing battle.  This article is to give you an idea of the general process behind what we at Fireytech do to clean viruses.  You should always check for the most current solutions by doing Google research and apply this article knowledge to the latest tools.  Fireytech is always here to help if you decide this is more than you want to tackle.

Any work creates risks of data loss so make sure you have a backup of your important data before proceeding with any of these suggestions.

If the virus has taken control of your computer to the point you can’t do anything, you will have to scan the hard drive using another computer or a boot based scanner that scans before Windows loads.

Google Search: dos based virus scanner

If you still have control of the computer, you will want to run virus scanning tools.  There are many free programs you can temporarily download and install just for cleaning.  You should run 2-3 different programs to ensure that you have thoroughly scanned and cleaned Windows.

Google Search: best free virus removal tools

Once you are clean you want to select ONE good quality anti-virus tool to keep you clean.  Running more than one anti virus program will cause performance issues and conflicts between the programs.  Remember you get what you pay for.  Free is not always the best option for long term protection.  Any program you purchase will have to be renewed every year or so or you will not be protected with the latest virus definitions (database of latest viruses and their defenses)

Google Search: best antivirus software

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Basics of Computer Repair

Basics of computer repair

When your computer doesn’t work it can be very frustrating.  Fireytech is always happy to help repair your computer or network but we understand there are some of you who like to tinker.  Here is how we approach repairs.

Hardware of Software?

Narrowing down whether your problem is hardware or software is the first step.  Your computer runs slow but that could be an overheating processor (hardware) or malware / viruses (software).

Hardware refers to the physical components of your computer.  That includes items like:

  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Memory (Ram)
  • Hard Drive
  • Motherboard
  • Fans
  • Power Supply

Software items are all the programs installed on your hard drive.  That includes items like:

  • Windows Operating System
  • Anti-Virus Software
  • Games
  • Internet Browsers
  • Viruses / Malware

I will be writing up articles to address different scenarios you may encounter.

When My Computer Doesn’t Turn On.

Finding / Removing Viruses

Copying Files and Getting Past Errors

Have you ever tried to copy files from a drive that was partially corrupt and you spent hours copying filed individually because you kept getting errors when you tried to copy the entire drive?  Have you ever tried to copy a big folder but kept getting random copy errors?  This is the program to get around all that.  It is called Unstoppable Copier and it will ignore copy errors and move on to the next file automatically.  This has been a life saver for me on multiple occasions!