Windows 10 Free Upgrade

Windows 10 Free Upgrade

Windows 7 has reached end of life. There is a way to get a free upgrade to Windows 10 in most cases. Fireytech computer repair Tulsa can help. Instead of paying $130 for Windows 10 software plus labor, we can perform the upgrade for a flat rate labor fee of $50 (In Shop Only). This method will leave all your programs and data in place.

We don’t know how long Microsoft will continue to allow free upgrades so when it ends it ends.

See the Forbes article below where they have been successfully using this method.

Fireytech computer repair of Tulsa is always working to give you the best value and keep you up to date. We are the best computer repair Tulsa company!

Dirty Little Secrets about Google Drive

Dirty Little Secrets about Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based file storage app which is, overall, a good product. As Tulsa’s best computer repair Tulsa company, Fireytech always share information with our customers to give them the best experience in the technical world. Fireytech uses Google Drive to sync and backup our company data files and we recommend it but you need to know about a few dirty secrets that we’ve discovered which will affect your storage limits and could impact your ability to maintain the free account that Google offers which has a cap of 15gb of data storage.

As I stated above, we use Google Drive in our excellent computer repair Tulsa shop and we believe it is a very good free cloud backup / file sync option if you understand the quirks discussed in this article.

The Good

When you install Google Drive’s desktop sync program called Drive File Stream, Drive will create a folder on your hard drive for syncing. Anything you store in that folder will sync to the cloud. This is very useful for use as an off-site backup option. Fireytech’s best computer repair Tulsa knows having an off-site backup is critical to protect against theft of the computer or complete loss such as a fire or tornado, etc. Having your backup in the same location as the computer is dangerous in these situations.

Fireytech computer repair Tulsa also uses this feature to sync files to multiple machines. This makes it easier for each computer in the company to have the same shared files. If we are out in the field, our laptops can have the same files that the server back at the shop has.

You’ll need to make sure you copy and store the files you want synced in this folder. Any other data on your hard drive is not synced. You can also create shared folders from the online Google Drive panel and share them with specific people. Only the files you copy into that folder will be visible to other people. This is a very useful feature for employees.

Another feature is that File Stream will actually move the actual file into the cloud and only store a placeholder on your local computer. The benefit of that is there is more space left on your hard drive. As soon as you open a folder or a file, File Stream will pull it from the cloud in real time to access and edit. If there is a file or files that you want to keep fully downloaded to your machine, you can enable offline files.

The Bad

You will have to manually maintain the storage folders in Google Drive to avoid going over your free data cap of 15gb. When you delete files from your “My Drive” folder, they go to the Trash folder. There is no automatic empty option for the Trash folder. If you are approaching your data limit, you will need to log into your Google Drive folder and do each of the following items to maximize your storage space.

First, check your “My Drive” folder to make sure you are only storing the files you really need. If you’ve verified you’re only storing what you need in “My Drive” it’s time to get down and dirty.

Click on the “Recent” folder. This is what drives me nuts. The items in the “Recent” folder count against your storage cap. This is true even if you have deleted the item from “My Drive” and ALSO deleted it from the trash. It will still exist in the “Recent” folder! Click on the “Recent” folder and it will initially show you about 50 items. You can right-click to get the Google Drive options, and “select all” to highlight all the items. You can also press “CTRL” + “A” if you’re old school and like keyboard shortcuts. Once all the visible files are selected, you can hit the “Delete” key on your keyboard or right-click and select delete. It will delete the first 50 files and then reload the screen with about 100. Repeat the delete process. The third time around it starts displaying around 300+ files and the process starts slowing down. This is the other aspect of this that I despise. The Google Drive site bogs down the more you do this process. You’ll eventually have to hit “reload” on your browser to refresh the page and make it behave. We had over 20gb of data tied up in the “Recent” folder and it took me over 2 hours of fighting with the Google Drive site to clear out items dating back over 5 years. How is that recent?! You’ll also notice that sometimes the Drive site will show you no more files in the “Recent” folder. Don’t be fooled. Reload the page or log out and log back in. Guess what? There will be more files it wasn’t showing you just a few minutes before. I had to repeat this process over and over and over and over again until I finally stopped seeing files show up in the “Recent” folder. Whew! Finally done and I have tons of storage space back right? Wrong. All those files were simply moved to the trash.

The “Trash” folder in Google Drive is annoying as well. If you delete files on your computer, the sync program will flag the file and Google Drive will delete it in the online account too. The problem is that it never empties the Trash folder. There isn’t even an option to auto delete after 30 days. So you can be happily working away on your pc and deleting files as needed and your online Google Drive account is slowly filling itself up. Here’s what you have to do. Our crack team of excellent computer repair Tulsa techs had to come up with this one too.

Deleting items from the trash is similar to the “Recent” folder in it’s annoyance factor. Thank God Google gives you an option to just hit one button to “Empty Trash” but it doesn’t work if you have a higher amount of files sitting in the Trash. I found that, just like the “Recent” folder, I had to click the button to delete, wait for it to appear to finish, see the file list refresh, and have to click empty trash again. Once all the files are gone from view, you will want to refresh the web page again and try logging in and out because there will still be files there. As you’re going through the process of emptying the trash, you’ll finally see the Storage Used amount begin to decrease. Every time you delete items it will not update the storage amount until you actually refresh the entire webpage and sometimes even then it will update later to a lower amount.

Needless to say the Google Drive online account is less than perfect. This will only be an issue for those who store large amounts of data in their Google File Stream folder. 15 gigabytes sounds like a lot, but as we have found providing quality computer repair Tulsa service, when you’re storing photos and videos, 15gb can be used very quickly.

All of these issues are really only a problem for those of you who are trying to live within the prison of the free Google Drive account. Their paid plans offer great pricing so there is no need to stress. For $20 a year you can get 100gb of storage which is pretty decent. If you’re really wanting to save every cat meme you ever see, you can even get one terabyte of storage for $99.99 per year. That’s only $9.99 a month (if you do it monthly instead of the annual discount). We shell out $10/mo for everything under the sun so for a Terabyte of storage I think it’s a pretty good deal.

If you need help with your Google Drive account or would like assistance from our excellent computer repair Tulsa techs with setting up your computer backup syn or sharing, call Fireytech today.

Cracking a Gmail Password

Cracking a Gmail Password

I love when I get to be a mobile computer repair Tulsa hero.  It isn’t often that you get to fix a computer where the stakes are very high for a customer.  This was one of those times.

A mobile computer repair Tulsa customer called me the other day because an employee had quit and refused to turn over the password he set up on a company Gmail account.  This was critical to their business because there were estimates, invoices, and customer correspondence in that email account.  Losing those emails would have cost the customer a great deal financially.  I did some investigating and found that the customer had him set up a personal Gmail email account to use for the business.  This company was smaller and didn’t have their own email domain set up so they just used personal Gmail accounts for all correspondence with their customers.  When I heard that, my heart sank.  I knew the odds of us cracking that password or getting Google to reset it were very low….

Click here to read the full story

Four for One

Four for One

Recently a new Fireytech customer called and scheduled a mobile computer repair in Tulsa for his small business. His HP computer had a Windows 10 update that was stuck and had tried repeatedly for months to download and failed. Once onsite, I did some Google research and found that what was hanging was an older Windows 10 version update. There was now a newer Windows 10 Version update available and my thought was that we just manually download the newer update and see if it would bypass the old update. I started to download and install and settled back for the wait time of watching the update proceed.

While I was waiting, the gentleman explained that he had another computer that wasn’t running as fast as he felt it should. It was another HP. I looked at the PC specs and noticed it only had 4gb of ram and Microsoft Windows was using almost all of it just loading to the desktop with very little else running. I recommended we explore adding additional ram (memory) to the computer. Click here to watch my video explaining the differences in the terms RAM, Memory, and Hard Drive. A tool I always use when making memory recommendations is the scan tool at Their scan tool will scan your computer and tell you exactly what kind of hard drive and memory you have in your computer and what it’s capacity is. In this customer’s case, the max memory his machine would allow was 8gb. I always carry a tub of standard parts for repairs or upgrades when I’m doing a mobile computer repair Tulsa ticket so I ran out to the work van to see if I had the matching type of memory and I did. I upgraded his computer while we waited on the Windows 10 Version update on the other computer.

After working on the second HP PC, he tells me he has yet another computer that might benefit from a memory upgrade. We ran the Crucial scanner and I had that memory in the van as well. Windows 10 update still running LOL.

Guess what? He had another computer that wouldn’t keep the date and time when it got unplugged. That’s an easy one for me. Most of the time that means the CMOS battery on the motherboard is bad. That’s the one thing that maintains the date and time when the power goes off. Of course, I carry one of those little CR2032 watch-looking batteries on me just for this reason. I swapped that and tested the computer without power and it held the date and time. Another fixed computer in the same location! This truly was the best mobile computer repair Tulsa service call in a long time.

Of course the first computer was still running the Windows Update and it was showing that it would continue on for another hour or two. The customer asked, what about this computer? How is the memory on it? Of course it also only had 4gb so we ran the Crucial scan to figure out what This HP Computer could hold and I had one of those memory sticks with me. Since the computer wasn’t going to be done with the Windows version update, I took some time to show the customer how to orient the memory and how to insert it into his computer after the update completed. When I’m doing a professional mobile computer repair Tulsa service call I always try to think of the customer’s best interest. I didn’t want to sit around waiting on the update to complete billing him by the hour unless he wanted me to stay. He was comfortable installing the memory himself and said he would let me know if the update gave him any problems.

It’s not very often that we work on 4 computers at once but when you can multitask on a quality mobile computer repair Tulsa site, why not? I was able to perform all of this work for the customer in less than 2 hours and he was well pleased. I made a followup phone call a short time later just to make sure the Windows 10 version update completed with no issues and it had. That newer update resolved the overall issue and now his computer is receiving updates as needed without hanging up. It’s always fun to meet new customers that need a great mobile computer repair in Tulsa and rewarding to find solutions for them.

If you or a loved one has been hurt by a computer failing to work as needed, call 918-258-FIRE (3473) to file a claim. You could be eligible for a quality onsite computer repair Tulsa with our quality team working for you!

Frustrating but Rewarding Customer Repair

At Fireytech one of the most rewarding aspects of our mobile computer repair Tulsa business is repeat customers. We have many customers who have been with us for 15 years. The following computer repair Tulsa story is from one of our customers who came to us in 2017. She had bought a new Dell laptop and docking station and her Outlook files were not syncing as they should. We were able to get her up and running quickly. Then in December of 2018 she called us to resolve an issue with that same computer. Her Outlook file became corrupt and while trying to resolve that issue, her computer had stopped loading into Windows and was in a perpetual loop trying to repair itself and then saying it couldn’t. This began a very frustrating and yet rewarding computer repair.

I arrived at her house a couple of days after Christmas and found that the computer was as she said. It would not load into Microsoft Windows. Her Dell had Windows 10 installed so I went into the advanced setup options and attempted to run prior restore points and even a basic re-install with no success. After various attempts, I realized we were going to have to completely re-load Microsoft Windows to provide a successful mobile computer repair Tulsa.

Once I had her Dell Laptop at the depot, I started with some hardware tests. Any time a computer crashes suddenly with no warning you want to be sure that the hardware is not the cause. I was suspicious of the hard drive or the ram since Outlook had suddenly become corrupt and the computer had no usable restore points. I ran the built-in Dell hardware diagnostics. The ram, hard drive, cpu, and video all passed. I proceeded to run a backup of her data onto an external drive and then re-loaded Microsoft Windows 10 using a Dell Windows 10 DVD we keep for repair purposes. The nice thing about Dell machines, and one reason we recommend customers purchase them, is that their install disks can be used on any Dell computer that has the same operating system originally installed on it. Most other brands of computers require a disk that is specific to that particular computer. Most customers don’t keep track of their disks and, many times, new computers don’t even come with the disks. The other brands expect the end user to burn off a copy of the restore disks themselves. I have found in my years of mobile computer repair Tulsa experience that most customers don’t know how or simply never take the time to actually do this.

After I had re-installed Microsoft Windows 10, I delivered the computer back to her and we went through the process of re-installing her individual programs, her printer, her online Carbonite backup, and connecting the Dell laptop to her home wireless network. We also set up her Outlook to sync and everything looked and worked great. I also made sure the computer was making restore points to avoid this if there should ever be an issue in the future.

Everything worked perfectly for a few weeks and then suddenly, the Dell laptop suddenly froze and when she rebooted began acting the exact same way it had before our previous computer repair Tulsa. Since we had just performed a new install of Windows 10, it seemed very unlikely to be a software issue. I re-ran tests on the memory and hard drive and they still passed. We ordered a new hard drive for her even though it had passed hard drive tests. Her hard drive was actually flash memory instead of a standard hard drive so we questioned whether the hard drive tests were something we could rely on. I also exchanged her ram memory just to be sure as well.

We received the new flash memory hard drive in 2 days (thank you Amazon Prime). We went through the entire reload process again but since she had an online Carbonite backup (and I still had a copy of her previous backup) we didn’t waste time on the backup step. Again we got her computer up and running and she was back to work. Then, just a few weeks later the computer crashed yet again! We were pulling our hair out. There was no virus and we had eliminated all the standard hardware problems. We suspected it could be a deeper issue with the cpu or motherboard but we really didn’t want to keep having her business at a stand-still and her computer going up and down while we tested. We began to think replacing the computer may be the best solution. For her, time was money and she was loosing business every hour she was down.

Out of desperation, we tried one more thing. We began researching her specific Dell model online to see if there were any other people with the same issue. There were several articles but nothing really specifically about this issue. We finally called Dell to see if they had any ideas. They asked if we were using the original Dell restore DVD that was shipped with the machine. We almost dismissed this as a possibility because we have used our generic Dell disks on countless machines and it’s never presented a problem. The Dell remote tech insisted he thought the original restore disk would resolve the issue. Of course, she couldn’t find it. The very helpful Dell tech referred us to look up her service tag number on their website and, on the drivers page, there was a link to download the Windows 10 operating system for her laptop. We downloaded it and again reinstalled Windows 10 with our fingers crossed. After that reload, the computer hasn’t failed and I’m writing this article months after.

Most of the time, a Fireytech excellent mobile computer repair Tulsa service call can go so smoothly and routine that we are in and out in an hour with complete success. This was one of those rare times that we were left scratching our heads and that Dell support rep got us the answers we needed. I tell customers all the time, we can’t know every possible thing about every possible computer. On complex issues, our work is more about understanding how to research than it is about first hand knowledge. This customer was very patient with the process and in the end we resolved her issue and we kept checking back with her every week or so to make sure the computer was still running happily. A rewarding repair in the end but wow was it a journey.

If you need a high quality mobile computer repair Tulsa, please call Fireytech today at 918-258-FIRE (3473). We love to make the complex become simple.

Fireytech YouTube Channel

Fireytech YouTube Channel

Fireytech now has a You Tube channel. We’ll be uploading educational videos from our staff and testimonials from our customers. Subscribe to keep up to date!

Fireytech is the number one rated mobile computer repair service in Tulsa. We provide the highest quality and value to our customers with every mobile computer repair we perform. If you would like to schedule an onsite appointment please call us today at 918-258-FIRE (3473). We would love to meet you and resolve any network or computer problem you have. We are simply the best mobile computer repair Tulsa service.

Saving A Customer From a Fake Quickbooks Online Scam

Saving A Customer From a Fake Quickbooks Online Scam
One of our Fireytech customers who performs Fire, Water, and Roofing Restoration called us in a panic. They were having problems with their Quickbooks online account and had called Quickbooks support (or so they thought). They were told that their account data was corrupted and that it was eating itself alive and actively destroying all their records. This would have represented a catastrophic loss of customer data, invoicing, banking, etc. When the customer called the scammer, the scamming company told the customer that they were not signed up for live support and they would have to pay $1200 to get support and get their company file restored. Thankfully the Fireytech customer thought the scammers story sounded fishy so they called the team at Fireytech, the best mobile computer repair service in Tulsa, to come to their rescue. When our professional Tulsa mobile computer repair technician arrived at their business, he began to assess the situation. One of the most important things we do when we troubleshoot a computer issue is to make sure we fully understand what the customer says is happening, when it started, how it started, and what they do to make it repeat. The person using the computer is always the best source knowledge in a troubleshooting investigation.  Many times our experienced Tulsa mobile computer repair service techs will have the customer run the computer themselves to show us what they are doing that makes the computer issue appear. When this customer clicked the link in their web browser to load their Quickbooks online account, our excellent mobile computer repair Tulsa technician saw the problem quickly. Somehow the customer had been tricked into saving a fake Quickbooks online weblink.  This website address took them to a page that was spoofing the real Quickbooks online website. The fake site allowed the customer to “log in” to their account and then used their login to pull real data from the customers actual Quickbooks account and display it, making the site look real. There were warning messages popping up instructing the customer to call support immediately, which they had done before our tech arrived. The number provided, of course, was to the malicious scammer company and not Quickbooks. Our amazing mobile computer repair Tulsa technician was able to show the customer how to correctly access their Quickbooks online account and how to look at the website URL in the web browser address bar to ensure, in the future, that they were indeed at the correct site. Fireytech had the customer immediately change their password to ensure that their account was secure and the customer was able to see all their data safe and sound.  Fortunately, their real data had not been corrupted by the scammer.  The customer could not have been more pleased. This one mobile computer repair Tulsa service call saved our customer literally over $1,000 and needless to say they were ecstatic. It was a thrill for us to be a part of it as well. We love when we can be the hero and help customers achieve great value and avoid scams. If you use online accounts please make sure the web browser shows that the site is secure and always double check that the web address in the address bar matches the real site (see photo above). This scam was one of the more sophisticated we have seen.  It really would have looked believable to an untrained eye.  Any time you feel like something is off with your computer, please feel free to schedule a time for Fireytech to come out and work our magic as the greatest mobile computer repair Tulsa company.  We even offer remote support if it is something that we can do remotely to help.  At Fireytech, you can say we have a “burning” passion to provide the best mobile computer repair Tulsa service in Tulsa.  We would love to help you.  Please fill out our online “contact us” form or feel free to call us at 918-258-FIRE (3473) within business hours to schedule your computer resolution.

Great Value for Refurbished Dell Desktop Computer

Great Value for Refurbished Dell Desktop Computer

Fireytech customers who are looking for a quality pc upgrade should look at this Amazon link.  We don’t make any money from this sale.  Our philosophy is to recommend quality refurbished computers for your needs with the hope that you’ll allow Fireytech to help you set up the new pc and transfer your data from your old pc.  This machine is perfect for a small business that needs a speedy machine that is the best bang for the buck.  Our goal is to make sure you have the best machine in your business or home so that you can get things done.  Fireytech’s mobile computer repair Tulsa techs can quickly get you up and running with this refurbished computer.  We can also recommend another machine if your needs are greater than what you feel this computer would provide.  We even offer to order the machine on your behalf if you would prefer.

Fireytech provides the highest quality onsite computer repair Tulsa services.  Please call today to schedule the best mobile computer repair Tulsa appointment today!  918-258-FIRE (3473)

Find Your Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office License Key

Find Your Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office License Key

If you need to determine what your license key is for Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office you can!  You want to make sure you haven’t overlooked the Windows sticker on your computer.  Be sure to look on all sides of the machine (and under the battery if you have a laptop).  If you have an existing sticker that is the simplest solution.  There are of course technical methods to search the registry and that isn’t something the average person wants to do.

To find it without digging through your Windows Registry, download and run Magical Jelly Bean Product Key Finder.  It’s so simple and it’s free!  It does state that it will find keys for over 300 programs but I know that it works for Windows and Office.

If you are more technical and want to dig deeper into the subject you can visit these websites:

As with all of these tips and tricks if you can’t locate the information yourself, feel free to contact Fireytech at 918-258-3473 and we can schedule a mobile computer repair Tulsa to help you with your issue.  Our professional techs are always ready to help you with every step of the process from locating the product key, backing up and restoring your data, to re-installing Windows.

Understanding Storage Terms

Do you struggle to understand the real meaning of computer terms like memory, ram, and hard drive?

This video will clarify what they mean and how they impact your computer performance.



CPU (central processing unit)  This is the brain of you computer

RAM (random access memory)  Sometimes called memory.  This is the faster storage used by computer while it is powered on and Windows is running.  Everything in RAM is lost when the computer is turned off or the program is closed.

Hard Drive: permanent storage.  Items stored on a hard drive are saved even when there is no power to the machine.

Transcription of Video:

Good morning this is Michael Firey with Fireytech.  I am in one of our onsite computer repair vans and I just got through running a couple of on-site computer repair service calls. I wanted to talk to you about a couple of things I saw on this ticket that I run into a lot.  It is confusion about memory versus hard drive storage, ram, all these terms that computer techs throw around that we understand but the layman may not understand these computer repair terms.  I wanted to try to bring some clarity and help you out with that.  As always, with all these computer issue discussions, Fireytech is happy to help you if you can’t figure out how to fix your own computer.

We are very good at onsite computer service calls with making your computer run better, making your network run better, making your wireless network run well.  We are always happy to help with any computer issue by scheduling an onsite service call to resolve it with one of our excellent and professional computer service techs.  Our number is 918-258-FIRE or 918-258-3473 and our website is  You can send a request to us through our website and one of our great computer repair schedulers will call you and set up an appointment to resolve all your computer problems.

With this particular situation, this gentleman’s computer was running like molasses.  It was as slow as dirt.  Anything he would click on would take forever to load.  I ran a quick little computer performance analysis using a built-in Windows program and the report showed that his cpu was running at a good level of only 10 percent usage but his hard drive and ram (memory) were maxed out, running at 90 – 100 percent almost full time.  He had 4 gigabytes of memory (ram) and his hard drive was about 250 gigabytes.  Hard drives can range from 250 gigabytes to 500 gigabytes and even 1 terabyte.

What you find out in this situation is that a lot of computer end users don’t understand the difference between ram, memory, storage, all these terms.  When our computer techs talk about the permanaent storage, we are speaking about the physical hard drive in the computer.  Your hard drive has permanent storage so when you turn your computer off it retains all of it’s installed programs, your data files, and the Windows operating system.  Many times computer repair customers will use the terms ram or memory when they actually mean the hard drive.  Ram or memory is actually a small chip inside your computer that Windows uses to load active programs from the hard drive permanent storage and run them instead of just storing them dormantly.  Ram is designed to create a buffer between the cpu (central processing unit), the real brain of your computer, and the hard drive permanent storage.  The reason this buffer exists is because the hard drive transfer rate speed is much much slower than the memory chip transfer rate.  When you open a program in Windows, Windows is designed to pull as much of that active program from the hard drive and load into the memory chip so that the active program and the computer runs more quickly.  When your computer memory is maxed out, Windows is forced to use the hard drive as a replacement for memory and since the transfer rate is much slower on the hard drive it takes longer for the cpu and the hard drive to talk to each other so it bogs down the entire machine.  With your computer, you want to make sure you have the most memory (ram) possible so Windows has enough space to temporarily open all the programs and features you are requesting without having to shuttle items back and forth from the hard drive.  Your hard drive’s transfer rate for the purpose of permanent storage is sufficient for that task even though it’s much slower than the ram transfer speed.

In this situation our on-site computer repair customer had 4 gigabytes of ram.  I ran a quick scan using a little program you can download from that you can use to determine how much memory your computer has, what type of computer memory is installed, and how much memory your computer is capable of handling.  It is hard to know what kind of computer memory your computer has by looking in Windows or even at the actual memory chips themselves.  There are several types of computer memory: DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, and so on.  The scan tool at takes all the guesswork out and gives you reliable information about your computer.  I ran a quick test on his computer, he has 4 gigabytes, his computer is capable of handling 16 gigabytes of computer memory.  Since his computer is maxing out the memory usage and spilling over into the hard drive, we are going to look at getting his computer upgraded to hold as close to 16 gigabytes of ram based on what he can afford with his budget.  Even if we only doubled his current ram, his computer would run much faster that he would be able to notice.

This is one of those things Fireytech runs into a lot when going around running onsite computer repair in Tulsa.  We know there is confusion with many computer repair customers so hopefully this video sheds some light on the terms and brings some clarity to you.  As always, if all of this is a little beyond what you are willing to do, feel free to call Fireytech at 918-258-3473 to set up an on-site computer repair and we would be happy to come to your home or come to your office to repair your computer and upgrade your computer.  We want to make things understandable for you and easy when it comes to onsite computer repair Tulsa.

Thanks for taking the time to watch the video and we hope you have a great day!